Healthy Home

    Did you make a new year’s resolutions to get healthy and fit this year? Well, you’ve already made one good decision by choosing the Twin Cities as your place of residence.  Minneapolis/St. Paul is considered the healthiest and fittest city in America, topping the “Fit List” for a second straight year according to […]

Touring Homes

  Inspiration. I love touring homes;  walking up the driveway, taking in the exterior architecture and curb appeal, touring the interior spaces, making comments on what really works and what doesn’t, exploring the back yard, trying to visualize living there.  It’s fun, it’s free and it’s inspiring. This time of year, we have many options […]

Open Concept

  The Open Concept. When choosing a home or considering a remodeling project, the first item on nearly everyone’s list of must-haves is an “open concept”. But what is an open concept? What are the advantages of said open concept? Let’s explore this not-so-new design idea, but one that has become a non-negotiable for many […]


  Not Quite a Hoarder. Although most of us wouldn’t qualify for an episode of Hoarders, I would venture to guess that nearly all of us have more stuff than we have places to store it.  After purging those things we really shouldn’t be hanging on to, how do we get additional storage for what’s […]